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With over 2.1 trillion USD of online sales, marketing has changed massively since the beginning of the 2010s.

What used to be everyday users uploading their daily lives has turned into a machine than can nearly guarantee the success of your product.
Today we call these users influencers.

Influencers have become crucial figures in the online market. People have always sought out the advice from famous people, and companies have figured out how to leverage them. From dish soap to computer games, nearly every item we see marketed today has a familiar face or brand attached to it. The cryptocurrency market does not fall exception to this rule. From securities to utility tokens, the cryptocommunity has sought the voices of Charlie Lee, Andreas Antonopolous, and Ian Balina to guide them in their investments. By swaying the opinions or befriending the community representative, you can activate entire populations to participate on your main sale day.

Pro: They Help Play the Number Game

Anybody who’s worked a day in sales understands that it is largely a numbers game. So the team at Crowdcreate tried to see how much interest we could amass solely using influencers. We used the Lendingblock telegram channel as the basis of our study.

On March 2, 2018, Crypto Gurus released a video on Lendingblock’s platform and website. The Cryto Gurus team mentioned that our style of community engagement was intriguing and refreshing in a world of trolls and scammers. They were impressed with out custom welcomes, gif responses, and organic interaction. In addition, the Crypto Gurus team saw how we had direct communication with the Lendingblock core developers, which made effective communication that went beyond Telegram.

The launch of the video brought in 500 members within an hour. Since then, we have vetted our YouTuber’s and guarantee a video in a matter of days. Our clients love the fact that we can guarantee placements that see returns greater than Forbes, or Nextweb. Our content creators make the best media that converts viewers into participants.

This was the case as well with BaaSid. Alongside airdrops, our team released three videos from influencers that saw massive conversions. One of these videos came from Patrick Weiland.

He has a humble channel of 20,000 subscribers, but his view conversion is constantly above 2K. In the cryptoworld, that is huge. 2000 people can be the difference between a successful sale or an abysmal one.Weiland’s BaaSid video topped out at 2.2k in one week. This obviously has had an effect on their Telegram group. The BaaSid Official group currently sits at 13600 members. Did I mention that we started this group at 0?

Con: They Exhibit Unprofessional Behavior

Like all things marketing, using influencers pose tons of problems. On average, ICOs spend over 20 hours a week negotiating content or contacting YouTube influencers. While this seems unreasonable, our team has confirmed the difficulty of getting influencers to participate. Verifying influencers, approving the content, proving your not a scammer, and haggling over prices can take days to move at a time.

There is another reason why these things take time. Some of these influencers are not as professionals as we would like them to be. Sometimes, they don’t even deliver the product at all.

For example, Lendingblock recently paid for a deal from an influencer who did not deliver their content. The video even made and everything was in place, he just chose not to release it. Chasing after the video wasted a lot of time for everybody, from CEO to marketing partners.

Spending hours on negotiating a video or chasing after a deliverable is unacceptable. This is a ridiculous amount of time that you can spend developing your project, doing HR, or simply promoting your ideas. We at Crowdcreate understand how crucial and important time is.

Work With The Best!
Time is money. There is nothing more true in the business world than that statement. When you work with us, we guarantee placements from the best influencers on YouTube. We vet each and every one of our influencers and make sure the deliverables are in our hands before we pay. In addition, we make long lasting friendships with our influencers so the level of trust goes beyond business. It becomes a partnership.

Crowdcreate is a community engagement and idea platform driven by influencers, investors, and enthusiasts. Our expertise in growing communities and social validation will boost your crowdfunding success.

We have worked with some of the largest crowdfunding ICOs and startups including BitClave, ANKER, and Tencent.

For any further information or concern you can always be in touch of us by using, this link here.

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