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Leading blockchain and ICO marketing experts with a track record to show.

Crowdcreate has partnered with companies including Kickstarter, Indiegogo, ANKER, Tencent, and BitClave to raise over $30 million across 40+ ICOs and crowdfunding projects.

Ivan Kan
Ivan KanCo-Founder
Ivan Kan is the co-founder of Crowdcreate. He is the vision and growth of Crowdcreate over the past 4 years, and a speaker and thought leader on blockchain and crowd sourced innovation. Previously, Ivan was the senior product manager leading a machine learning cloud solution for breach detection and is being used by hospitals and healthcare providers to protect patient data today.
Jeffrey Maganis
Jeffrey MaganisCo-Founder
Jeffrey Maganis is the co-founder of Crowdcreate. He was previously at PIMCO, one of the largest investment firms in the world, and traded at a Wall Street Hedge Fund. He’s profitably run businesses for the last 10 years and is a 2-time entrepreneur.
Joshua Suh
Joshua SuhAccounts Director
Joshua Suh is the accounts director at Crowdcreate. He specializes in maintaining client relations and has a passion for new technologies on the blockchain. Josh comes from a background in digital marketing and data strategy.
Princess Sambilay
Princess SambilayCrowdfunding Campaign Director
Princess is a crowdfunding expert and has helped creators from all over the world bring their ideas to life through crowdfunding. As an experienced campaign manager, Princess works closely with Crowdcreate clients and guides them through the entire crowdfunding strategy from start to finish.
Jaeho Sheem
Jaeho SheemCommunity Manager
Jaeho Sheem is an expert in community management with a specific focus on the ICO sphere. His specialties include providing 24/7 community engagement as well as setting up bounties. He hopes to become a big player of the cryptocommunity in the future
Dante Venafro
Dante VenafroRelations Manager
Dante Venafro is a blockchain enthusiast and Public Relations Specialist at Crowdcreate. As a cloud application consultant with Oracle, he has cultivated close relationships with blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives, and industry thought leaders.
Lyndon Ong Yiu
Lyndon Ong YiuCommunity Manager
Lyndon Ong Yiu is a web developer, blockchain enthusiast, and data visualization researcher based out of the Greater Los Angeles area. Computer Science, BS, University of San Francisco, 2016.
Salil Bahise
Salil BahiseProject Manager
Salil Bhise is a dynamic professional with extensive knowledge of startup operations, project management, and customer success. Bringing years of experience from the Silicon Beach tech scene, Salil is committed to providing clients with results through high-touch support.