A Case Study: How to Organically Grow your Telegram Community by 4000 in 2 Months

Client – Lendingblock – A Securities Lending Platform

Most investors look for three things when investing in a project – Team, Technology, Community. Lendingblock, one of our ICO clients, approached us with the problem of growing their community of investors, developers, designers and passionate participants on Telegram. We at Crowdcreate are specialists at growing your community.
What is a community? A community is a passionate group of individuals that are interested in the project that you are building.The reason why investors look at the community itself is to gauge an ICO to invest in is because they want to make sure it has traction and can hit explosive growth.


Most startup founders are technical, they understand blockchain and programming code like the back of their hand. Marketing is often overlooked and outside of their skill set. It’s the reason why they should partner with an experienced marketing agency that specializes in getting exposure to their project. This was the case with Lendingblock, they were a small team that focused on technology, but need visibility through marketing.

Problem – Organically Growing a Telegram is Hard

  1. Most Founders Answer the Telegram Messages Themselves, this is not the best use of a developer’s time. Both Steve and Linda, the two founders, were answering the Telegram message themselves. This is the case for the vast majority of ICO founders we have met. The problem is that Telegram management is a 365/24/7 engagement.  Your user-base is all over the world in multiple languages; English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German.
  2. Many investors and VC firms validate the legitimacy of a project through the amount of engagement and participation in their Telegram channel. Lendingblock had 40 members when they first approached Crowdcreate. Growing a community isn’t easy. There are multiple challenges that come with growing a community, as well as philosophical questions the team must answer.
  3. Another problem is that startups try and hire an in-house community manager with a background in social media. Unfortunately, these people aren’t skilled or talented enough to answer thousands of messages on Telegram about technical white papers, nor have the infrastructure and bandwidth to handle answering questions 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. They also cannot speak over 5 languages.
    1. What type of growth does the platform want? There is usually a trade-off between quality members, and sheer quantity.
    2. How fast does the platform want to grow? There are advantages in growing slowly as well as incredibly large member injections.
    3. Does the number of participants define the sales success?
    4. How do you get people interested?
  1. The Solution – Professional Community Management. We at Crowdcreate are passionate cryptocurrency enthusiasts that specialize in growing your community. The results are an increase in funds, FUD prevention, scam protection, and immediate responses. Our rapid response is a reflection of how committed our team is to our client’s projects.

Why Choose Crowdcreate over managing your Telegram yourself?

    • Experienced

We’ve worked with 50+ top ICO/crowdfunding clients and can advise you on knowledge we’ve gained across 3 years of community management.

    • In-House Technology

We’ve built software, bots, machine learning and automation to supplement our 365/24/7 global team of crypto experts. We immediately answer any question and provide real-time support. Our proprietary technology and platform is the fastest, most efficient in the industry.

    • Global Team

We have community managers in USA, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, and the Philippines. They understand the local market and can relate to community members in a way a startup founders typically can’t.

    • Real Time Analytics

Avg. daily users, messages per hour, activity, number of messages sent. Can your community manager provide these metrics?

  • The Results – We Grew our Client’s Telegram by 4000 in 2 months.

We officially grew their telegram room more than 40 times over.

  • Our Services –  The Crowdcreate Difference in Community Management
  • Compare Crowdcreate to “Other” Community Management Firms
          1. All Community Managers are In-House
            • Crowdcreate 100% dedicated community managers in 5 countries – USA, India, Russia, Philippines, China (Jae Help here?)
  • Daily Meetings with Staff/Weekly Meetings with Clients
  1. We host daily meetings so that communication between our internal team is always in sync.
  2. We host weekly meetings so that communication is always transparent and candid between all partners. Our project manager and community manager are constantly online to engage with your needs.
  • Selective Choice of Clients
  1. Our team is highly passionate and want to work with only the best! We at Crowdcreate take the projects that we feel personal. We feel that a team that believes in the product produces the best results.
          1. Less Expensive
            • Most community managers charge a combination of Fixed (USD/BTC/ETH) equivalent and a Percentage of Existing Token Supply (Your Token). Why? It’s the best blend of paying the salaries of community managers and also incentivizing so that they’re all on the same rocket ship the moon (ICO joke)
  • Call to Action – Schedule a call with Crowdcreate
    1. Crowdcreate is an elite team of the best community managers in the world. We hire and recruit the most knowledgeable and passionate crypto enthusiasts in all major time zones and hold them to a very strict 365/24/7 schedule. We don’t sleep, so you and your startup team can.
    2. Crowdcreate offers a free 30 minute consultation with all startup
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